My day for being-in-the-world is now!

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REALIZATIONthe way—life, death, and beyond

The way - sequence

Psyche [yoga] > Universal [the real]


Sangha [shared-intentional path; civilization-artifact]
> Nature [beyul-plan]

ENGAGING—everyday menu


Dedicate-affirm Walk-posture-stretch

Meditative review life-the way-today projects-meals

Current projectsREALIZE—L col-the way, support

Essential essay-in the world, from outline | Photo

Yoga-meditation vipasana know path shamatha focus, inner path, know and live with my fear(s) practice-action bring focus to positive self, the way

Support - sequence

Focus [the present-action > heart, relations-therapy]

Life [move-health sangha-nature > $$$ save-grant-income-remote e.g. teaching-real estate > travel]

Daily activities

As needed and select from below _________________  _____________________________________________  _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________

1 meal | ¯ coffee | PM x-rest-realize-7h sleep

Select from – rough sequence

Now #1 thera-$$$-move where-options | L col-support | food-drink Medical #2 tinnitus, study cancer, fungus, hip, ¯meds | bucket list

Trips Plan What-where-aim-itinerary Backpack Plan permits, hikes, air-forest conditions Prep (i) transport (ii) min weight, trial pack-hike (iii) last minute, night before-keep ready and trial pack (iv) in town – mail home, feet, fresh veg, cheese Travel Plan Prep

Get China bowls | HP mini-travel bag v Lenovo v Tough | phone LG V50  – battery, camera, apps | weigh mc

Weekly Shop | 2 beers + movie as a treat