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Progression of documents

Progression of content

Main work to date

Second production

Second production detail and resource files

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Progression of documents

This document lists especially useful materials in groups that correspond roughly to inverse progression in time.

This archive lists only the main documents and essential folders. The folders contain many other documents.

Progression of content

In many cases the difference between a document and its previous version is small. The publication on the web may be questioned. Here is a response:

1.     The change between one document and the next may be to record a single point of content or mode of presentation.

2.     The website, the maintenance of versions (e.g. 2011-2012 jib in-process\Versions), and the archive serves as a record of the evolution of my thought and as proof of publication.

3.     The general topic of the site is “as far as it is good, to know the range of being and to realize the highest immediate and ultimate forms”. This requires a metaphysics and a theory of transformation. Thus, in a sense the topic includes all knowledge. However, there is more than that for the metaphysics is new—and ultimate—and this requires a bringing under its fold the range of human knowledge and reworking it in light of the new metaphysics. Therefore while the change between some though not all successive documents is small the net change is large.

4.     Nested within the total system are many particular developments that could be individual publications which, however, I choose to present under the umbrella system.

Main work to date

This is not up to date. Also see Topic files, Philosophy Bites, and outline for the way.

Second production

I am not listing all files because repetition has proliferated. However the following are significant:

Explaining the way of being—created July 2015

Booklet manual-print.html—shorter than the next

Booklet manual V.2.html—July 2015

Booklet manual.html—April 2015

The realizations-resource version.html—resource version

The way of being-short.html—short version of next

The way of being-essential.html

Outline—for the above (outline with planning and notes)

Journey in Being-detail.html—older but more detailed than the previous

Book--with color 2014.pdf

Second production detail and resource files


2013-2014 folders

Second production—2013-2014

Especially template and detailed version.

Details file and folder

First production—2013

Copyright registration—2013

2011-2012 jib in-process—though dated earlier, contains some work from 2013-14


Photographs\Humboldt, 2013 and on

Photographs\wilderness\trinity alps 2012

Photographs\wilderness\trinity alps 2012 movie

Photographs\wilderness\trinity alps 2013

2014 Trinity Alps and Weaverville

Anil Mitra (folder: extensive collection of photographs)

Essay and Resources

Journey in Being-micro—essential—bare or skeletal version, close to aphoristic; PDF version.

Lessons for a Journey—the title is descriptive; has aphoristic elements.

Journey in Being-brief—brief final version.

Journey in Being-brief-academic—the brief version with supplement for academic readers; this version will be updated sporadically at most because its content is part of the complete version below.

Journey in Being—complete final version.

Journey in Being-full—complete final version with comments, planning details for journey and document omitted from the complete version above.

Journey in Being-resource—latest resource for final version.

Universal journey-ways—another resource.

Journey in being-detail—older but detailed resource.

Charting the journey—plans for realization, 2013

Impromptu talk—outline for impromptu talk or discussion

Lessons for a Journey—also called Neutrality in Duality—a series of formal and informal duals of varied kinds and degrees of significance. Showing the significance of neutrality to while giving recognition to such duals.

Map.html—a map of relations among main ideas.

Map-outline.html—a graphic of map.html.

Also see:

2011-2012 jib in-process\priorities.html—has priorities for action; includes a skeleton of an impromptu talk.

2011-2012 jib in-process\matrix.html—action plan (2013).

2011-2012 jib in-process\talk.html—outline version of an impromptu talk.

2011-2012 jib in-process\talks—folder with ‘talk’ material.

2011-2012 jib in-process\outline.html—new approach to writing the metaphysics that begins with constraints and freedoms of our empirical knowledge and logic (which are seen, contra-convention and contra-what-is-thought-today-to-be-reason, to be a unit); continues with the conditions (1) that there is Being (2) there is precisely one Universe and (3) the Void exists. Of all these the only one that is in the nature of an assumption is the existence of the Void which is shown to be most plausible (a proof is given but I am not entirely certain of its integrity though I am certain that it contains no errors and, further, alternative proofs and plausibility arguments are given; and finally, it is shown consistent with all valid knowledge). Modification of this outline—2011-2012 jib in-process\mod-outline.html


TransCommunity—implementation of the design.

TransCommunity Design—design for a community for transformation (realization).

Lessons for a Journey—to provide a pedagogic account.

Primary Working Material

Journey in Being-Essential—useful toward final; latest insights, including Logic, levels of method (within disciplines and development of disciplines and highest level process).

Journey in Being-reserve—useful for same reasons as above but not quite as ‘mature’ (was Journey in Being).

Temporary Sources

The following do not seem particularly useful. Review and eliminate.

Journey in Being V.1—possibly useful for introduction on ‘journey’; possibly useful for minimal system of experiments.

Journey in Being V.1.short—it seems everything useful is absorbed.

Secondary Material

Journey in Being-metadocument—(1) Useful and comprehensive concept definitions (2) Use of styles to structure documents: detailed but may be useful.

Journey in Being-central statements—detailed, may be useful.

Central statements ii.html—may be useful.

Current Folder

2011-2012 jib in-process—versions current as of 2012. This material dates from spring-summer 2011.

Other Folders

Some other useful material is in plans for my websites, priorities, production, therapy and religion.

See the Subfolders section below for details.


As of January 6, 2013 I will be saving ‘in-progress’ versions of documents. The purposes are to keep a record of progress and proof of publication.

The main current versions folder is Versions… ( World and Being/realization/being-elements/2010/2011-2012 jib in-process/Versions).

The versions folder for the Archive is ( World and Being/realization/being-elements/2010/Versions).

Journey in Being.html—html realization of version submitted for registration of Copyright (interest only).

Recent Material

Main Folder: 2010

This folder collects all useful material in writing Journey in Being and archive work.

The essays in this folder (not the subfolders) are roughly of the period fall 2010 through early summer 2010.


The following subfolders contain significant material.

Archive of old versions

1.     Early versions of Journey in Being—mostly before 2010.

2.     Before Journey in Being—mostly before 2002.


For some ideas.


Special topics and overviews: often repeated material that it is efficient to gather in a single place.

Internet articles

For reading and reference.


Plans for my websites



Note. Some planning documents may in the 2010 folder.


The 2011 production and print versions of Journey in Being.

Therapy and religion

Material dated spring 2011 or later on: religion, spirituality, meditation, yoga, step programs.


Material on talks. Dated.

November 2010—Through 2011

Except where noted the following are from the 2010 folder.

Journey in beingmain essay in this cycle; with Robin Singh. Has glossary.

JOURNEY—ultimate journey; future of what is essentially true in science and religion. Can use production\concordance2010.doc.

AREX—template for journey; based on journey. AREX is a means or journey of relation to and derivation of power from the ultimate.

Journey in being-short—brief version.

Journey in being-detail—detailed but needs filling out of some sections, improvement of material, and editing.


These materials are in the elements folder.

The elements are material that may be useful in more than one place. Having separate documents provides a template, and central repository, and helps avoid errors of duplication.

The Overviews below are dated 2010 or later; the special topics are mostly dated 2010 or later.


The overviews may be useful as text and research resources

Introduction Module

Brief Introduction Module

Journey in being-concepts-themes-problems-introductions-essences

Limitless Being

Possibilities for Reading and Study

Topics for Bibliography till 1992

Topics, Concepts and Propositions-2006

Base for impromptu talks—further versions may be written for different audiences.

Special Topics


Authors, Sources and References

Difficulties Concerning Understanding and Pertinence of Journey in Being

Dreams and vision

Dynamics, Catalysts and Catalytic States

Global issues, A set of

Gödel—some comments


Grammar, origins

Great Metaphysicians, The

Historical Sources of the Void and the Metaphysics

History of Human Experience

Individual Journey, An


Law, On

Laws of Energy, The


Meditation | PDF version. These versions are not available on the Internet—see Yoga instead.

Miscellaneous and Random Content

Natural Science

Necessary Objects

Niches of the world revealed by science


Ontological Arguments





Problems of Metaphysics, The




Religion, A Future for

Religion in America

Religion X

Sacred and the Spiritual, The


Some aspects of the Journey


Standard model of elementary particles, The

System of human knowledge

Thermodynamics and the Destiny of the Universe

Thermodynamics and the Destiny of the Universe II


Universal Metaphysics, Formulations of the

Universal metaphysics, compared to modern world views—also ‘Worldview comparison

Value of Philosophy, the

Variety of Being



Miscellaneous Material

Such material may perhaps be gleaned by searching the folders on my computer hard drives.

An example is Bites ( in the philosophy folder (


Some of following documents are linked above.

Index—index to bites

Sorites—discussion of sorites

Dictionary paradox—showing that meaning must depend on use

Something from nothing—something from nothing follows from the universal metaphysics of Journey in Being ( )

The source—showing the source of knowledge and being from the above metaphysics

Our destiny—discussion of human destiny founded in the metaphysics


Previous Versions of Journey in Being

The following link to Older versions of Journey in being. The newer versions are more than new writings or editions: they progressively expand the scope and understanding of the metaphysics across the panorama of metaphysics itself, the theory of Objects (ontology,) general cosmology, applied metaphysics, and the human endeavor especially in science, religion, and secular humanism.

Journey in Being-2003—the first version of Journey in Being.

The next four documents are a part of Journey in Being-2003.

Metaphysics (2003-2004).

Action, Charisma and History (2003-2004).

Computers, Beings and Minds (2003-2004).

Experiments in the Variety of Being (2003-2004).

Journey in Being-2003-new ideas

Journey in Being preliminary-2004

Journey in Being - whereof one cannot speak - 2004

Journey in Being - 2005 - toward 2006 version

Journey in Being-New World - 2006 version

Journey in Being-New World-essence - 2007

This version has wilderness planning.

Journey in Being-2008

Journey in being-PowerPoint presentation-2008

Related Documents

The documents may serve for source material and archive.

Words, Language, Metaphysics - 2004

History of Thought and Action-the concept of this document has some originality-2005

History of Western Philosophy-has some significant original ideas-1988, 2007

These two historical works contain imported material (other essays linked from this page are original).


Earlier Essays

The following link to material written before Journey in Being. They are sources of ideas and show some of the origins of Journey in Being. It is unlikely that I shall return to rewrite or do more than minor edition of essays written before Journey in being.

The documents may serve for source material and archive.

Dreams and vision - 1978 - 2008

Life, Unity and Meaning -1986

Life Design - 1986

Evolution and Design-1987

Magic and Religion-1994

Metaphysics and the Problems of Consciousness - 1996

Being mind absolute-1999

Philosophy of Mind and Consciousness -1999

Kinds of knowledge - 2001


Photographs—folder of edited photographs ready for slide show and movie making. Photographs selected for Journey in Being.

Anil Mitra—most extensive collection.