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These are the detail files for the template for main narrative for being and realization. Also see folder of detail files and the archive.

About the new world view (not the same as on worldviews below)


Booklet manual | Version 2

Being and experience

Categories in metaphysics

Central statements

Conversation and blog topics

Data for strategy

Definition and meaning


Economics and politics, a model for (repeated below as Politics and economics, a model for)

Explaining the way of being

Identity and extensivity

Immediate and the ultimate, The

Introduction to being and experience

Introduction to being

Knowledge and action

Lambda calculus

Matrix of plans and needs


Meaning and method

Meditation terms

Mind and matter

Modes and levels of being

Neutrality of being

On worldviews (not the same as about the new worldview above)

Open universal metaphysics

Ordinary is the extraordinary, the

Origin and name of the narrative

Outline of Tantra Illuminated—A book by Christopher D. Wallis—not available on the Internet

Outline of logic

Outline of the realizations—for improvement of the template

Plan for study and action—for earlier versions see Archive

Plan for study and action, detailedThe way of being is more recent but not detailed

Study topics—another version. This is well designed and relatively brief.

Planning and using the template

Politics and economics, a model for (also above as Economics and politics, a model for)

Problems and opportunities, world and human

Psyche and path

Readers' guide

Significance of the concepts

Some resources


State of the program

Substance and limitlessness